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//Stage Two:

Stage Two:

Stepping Ahead in Your Career

Percepta is designed for women who have mastered the technical aspects of their jobs and are looking to make a broader impact. These individuals want to expand their knowledge of their companies, learn how to work in complex business environments, and make effective decisions.

Women who graduate from Percepta are ready to take on the next big challenges in their organizations, whether managing key initiatives, projects, or team members. They know how to accomplish goals across functional areas, and they understand the importance of not only doing good work, but also achieving the right outcomes for the business.

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  • High-impact six-month program focused on helping junior-executive women learn to manage people and projects
  • Prepares new and aspiring managers to deliver results in complex work environments
  • Integrated and proven methodology combining group mentoring, interactive workshops and peer exchange
  • Proprietary matching process to identify peer group and mentor
  • Group mentoring model: matching three mentees with similar challenges and common developmental needs with an experienced mentor to facilitate meaningful and actionable dialog along with interactive workshops and peer networking
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PERCEPTA Key Learnings

  1. Positioning and Direction. Smart career planning requires an understanding of how success is defined in the organization, along with a focus on unique talents and capabilities to set career direction.
  2. Conscious Decision-Making. Companies want people to make sound business decisions every day by balancing risk and reward. Self-awareness and understanding context are critical for decision-making.
  3. Culture in the Workplace. Each work environment is unique. Even small workgroups have their own cultures. Success requires understanding unspoken rules in the workplace.

Program Curriculum

Stepping ahead requires an understanding not only of how success is defined in an organization but also how to capitalize on unique personal talents and capabilities. Defining career direction is key for women as they move through critical work and home-life transitions. Percepta focuses on increasing awareness – both personal and cultural – and improving decision-making skills to help women position themselves for success. The focused curriculum for Percepta combines a proven methodology for group mentoring with peer connection programs to take these women to the next step in their careers.

  • Session One: Developing a Corporate Image & Persona
  • Session Two: Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • Session Three: Career Planning
  • Session Four: Managing Results
  • Session Five: Followership
  • Session Six: Understanding Corporate Culture
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  1. Jennifer Anderson Bronner, Community Relations Coordinator,

    Participating in PERCEPTA gave me the skills I needed to not only advance to the next level, but to utilize those skills at that level.

  2. Susan Lazaro, Director, SMS – Strategic Merchandising Solutions, Coca-Cola North America

    As a graduate of PERCEPTA and ACHIEVA, one of my goals was to one day become a mentor in order to pay it forward. I achieved this goal and am now serving as a PERCEPTA mentor. It is every bit as rewarding as I thought it would be. Pathbuilders has been such a wonderful opportunity for me throughout my career, and I hope to continue to pay it forward!

  3. Suzi Pike, Executive Director, McKesson Corporation

    I really appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow along with these amazing women. I believe the content is rich and relevant. I was impressed with the amount of effort the mentees put into applying the content toward their development.

  4. Renata Neri, Sr. Global Marketing Manager, Graphic Packaging International

    As a result of participating in Percepta, I was given a new role with more responsibility in my company. Percepta helped me to define my career plan, understand the metrics by which my performance is measured, and how my contributions impact the company’s bottom-line.

  5. Lisa Schild, Program Manager / Regional Business Partnerships, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

    PERCEPTA offers a unique professional development experience for high-potential women. A key point of differentiation from other leadership development programs is the structured combination of workshops, actionable assignments, and ongoing accountability driven through discussion and group mentoring. Leveraging the concept of action-oriented professional development, I have personally observed women completing the PERCEPTA program emerge as stronger, more confident leaders.

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