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//Stage Four: INSPIRIA®

Stage Four: INSPIRIA®

Learning the Art of Inspiring Others

Inspiria women successfully contribute across many different assignments, develop their people, and drive their organizations forward. These women learn to focus their energies and maximize their impact to lead others to success. Facilitated by an intimate design, these brilliant women challenge and stimulate each other to think about their companies in new ways. The latest insights into strategy and transformational leadership combine with experiential learning to provide Inspiria women with new energy and vision to define new levels of accomplishment.

Women who graduate from Inspiria lead from within. They are guided by a philosophy that is uniquely tailored to their individual strengths and power. They inspire people by making goals real and tangible. They lead both people and organizations. They are visionaries who make a difference.

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  • Focused on executive women experiencing transition, either entering a new role or at a key intervention point
  • Uniquely combines one-on-one mentoring with assessment and extensive introspection to accelerate partnership progress
  •  Extensive mentee interview phase (typically over a three-month period) to explore a range of issues and goals critical to professional and personal success
  •  Personalized mentor recruitment seeks individuals best suited to support the mentee and challenge her to grow
  • Invitations to exclusive executive roundtable dinners which address and discuss complex and high-level topics impacting women in leadership today

INSPIRIA Key Learnings

  1. Visionary Leadership. Great leaders do more than manage; they create environments where everyone seeks and achieves extraordinary success.
  2. Personal Impact. Despite the pressures on every executive, leadership is about contributing at the highest level. Inspiria women change their organizations and their communities.
  3. Powerful Peer Relationships. Leaders want to be surrounded by smart people who are challenging, stimulating and dynamic. They need these peer relationships to gain the best practices and serve as a sounding board.

Program Curriculum

  • One-on-one live partnership launch, including overview of materials, summary of assessment outputs and Pathbuilders-driven exploration of key mentee issues
  • Facilitated debrief of the Harrison Assessment, which offers full spectrum insight into personality, interests, work environment preferences, and task preferences
  • Content and tools focused on self-awareness, company and situational analysis and alignment with role/company action plans
  • Exercises and structure focused on measuring credibility, building a playbook of key players and situations, and developing actionable strategies and plans
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  1. Sheila Hicks, Director of Sales Operations, Cox Communications

    The Pathbuilders program gave me the ability to develop a mentor relationship with a fellow executive woman that was based on the foundation of trust and honesty. My time in the program gave me insights to perform my job better and helped me develop a stronger strategic presence. I highly recommend the program to any executive that needs an unbiased support system!

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