Ready to Take on Greater Responsibility

//Stage One:

Stage One:

Becoming a Young Professional

Those new to the workforce must acquire skills to define priorities, manage crises and overcome obstacles. Insignia participants gain insights from the experiences of those who have excelled through the very transitions that they currently face. Interactive experiences, peer challenges and role modeling combine to broaden the perspectives and sharpen the skills of this next generation of female leaders. This program is typically delivered internally to organizations.

Women who graduate from Insignia are ready to take on additional responsibility. They understand themselves and have realistic expectations about how businesses work. They value teamwork – both working with and learning from others. They are focused on making connections and building positive reputations.

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  • Three-month program focused on entry-level women, up to two years into their careers
  • Extensive research on millennials with client companies has helped us to create a program to develop recent graduates on how to make significant impact on their organizations
  • Uniquely combines role-model mentoring with peer networking and a proven curriculum to address key topics and issues facing today’s younger workforce
  • Interactive components allow participants to delve deeper for rich, real-life learning

INSIGNIA Key Learnings

  1. Understanding Organizations. Women going through Insignia see how different groups work together to achieve the company’s goals. They also learn how priorities are set, resources are managed, and initiatives move ahead.
  2. Self-Awareness and Credibility. Before they can establish credibility, new graduates must be aware of what makes them unique: their talents and skills, but also their needs and motivations.
  3. Building internal connections. Successful people accomplish objectives through relationships with others. Relationships are built by understanding the needs of others and identifying common goals and values.

Program Curriculum

Insignia is for women who want to better understand how their organizations work, establish credibility, and learn to build internal connections.  The curriculum for Insignia focuses on: self-awareness and attitude; values and perceptions; awareness of culture and how businesses work; and creating win-wins.

  • Session One: The Process of Becoming a Professional
  • Session Two: Establishing a Personal Brand
  • Session Three: Understanding the Organization
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