Leading People. Recognized as an Executive.

//Stage Three:

Stage Three:

Leading Initiatives to Drive Change

Achieva is designed for women who manage key assignments and are well-respected by their peers. These individuals want to learn how to acquire the skills, status, responsibilities and respect that define a true executive.

Achieva graduates lead people and drive initiatives. They understand the business environment. They know how to move an organization and its objectives ahead. Using innate ability and acquired skills, they attack whatever challenges they encounter. They are your company’s best assets.

Now accepting enrollments for Achieva 2018.  Complete the Achieva Application form and submit it to Danielle Zimmerman, Director of Business Development, at danielle.zimmerman@pathbuilders.com.

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  • Year-long program focused on mid-level, high-potential women, recognized as having senior-executive potential in their organizations
  • Uniquely combines one-on-one mentoring with peer networking and a proven curriculum of interactive educational workshops
  • Mentors are senior executives, with typically 20+ years of experience and an average team size of 400 reports
  • Proven methodology for matching identifies a mentor for each mentee

ACHIEVA Key Learnings

  1. High-Impact Leadership. Leaders bring their unique talents to bear and uniquely move the business forward, achieving organizational goals and making personal success happen.
  2. Navigating the Landscape. Driving an organization takes hard work. Knowing when to push, when to support, when to negotiate and when to walk away are vital.
  3. Building Executive Presence. Each organization uniquely defines executive presence. Leaders in your organization must be authentic in their styles while embodying those traits that are most valued, all while positioning themselves for continuous growth.

Program Curriculum

Achieva focuses on women at the key transition point where their personal goals and those of the organization come together: becoming high-impact leaders. These women learn to move their organizations forward and to position themselves for growth and success. One-on-one mentoring with a senior executive creates a deep, professional relationship which challenges each Achieva woman in new ways, dramatically expanding her perspectives. A proven model supports the one-on-one partnerships with dynamic educational sessions and peer networking, positioning each woman to have a greater influence in the business community.

Each year, our program curriculum is customized based on the key issues and trends facing the cohort. Topics such as Executive Presence, Influence in Leadership, Navigating the Corporate Culture, Managing Teams and Talent, and Internal Marketing are just a few of the topics that seems to resonate year after year.

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  1. Deana Bishop, Vice President of Business Planning and Revenue Growth Management for the Southeast Business Unit, Coca-Cola Company

    Pathbuilders’ three-pronged approach of mentoring, educational workshops and peer networking make for a really effective professional development program. Physically and mentally stepping outside of your company to learn new concepts and strategies gives you the opportunity to focus on your professional development. Ultimately, you bring back new ideas to your company.

  2. Stacie Hagan, EVP, Customer Service Delivery & Care, Earthlink, Inc.

    The diversity of components that Pathbuilders has assembled really makes this an outstanding program. The combination of advisor-led workshops, mentoring relationship, and the small peer group experience is quite powerful.

  3. Melissa Berger, VP, Senior Solutions Consultant, Moxie

    The ACHIEVA program helped me learn to better manage my time, become a stronger leader and better position myself and my team for success. The program was extremely valuable; I am pleased with the learnings, skills and mentoring I received throughout the program year.

  4. Stephanie Y. Street, M.S., HRD, SPHR, GPHR SVP, Human Resources, OFS Fitel LLC

    I continue to view Achieva as one of the most positive programs for the development of women – focused, professionally run and worthy of replication globally!

  5. Wendy Thomas, Chief Financial Officer, Bridgevine, Inc.

    I regularly draw on the thoughts and advice shared by the various workshop leaders in the ACHIEVA program and, of course, from my mentor. The lift in my level of awareness – looking beyond the current horizon – has made a huge difference in my career choices and job happiness.

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