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Developing Your Female Talent to Grow the Business

In their 2016 “Women in the Workplace” study, McKinsey & Company reports that 78% of companies cite gender diversity as a top priority, yet only half of employees think that progress is being made, and fewer than a third see regular communication on the topic.

The “business case” for gender diversity is clear, and we see clearly that three dynamics drive that business imperative – connecting to the markets and clients that you serve, ensuring that you have access to the best talent available, and the documented financial benefits of gender-diverse senior leadership.  But every organization is unique, and it’s critical that the approach to focusing on women in your workplace be in line with your culture, your goals, and your realities.

From our extensive work with clients focused on gender diversity, we know that success is the result of thoughtful strategy and intentionality in execution.  At Pathbuilders, we have worked with thousands of women across hundreds of organizations to maximize the value that women’s initiatives can bring to achieving corporate goals.

Our deep experience working inside large and complex organizations positions us to consult directly with senior leadership teams in the area of gender-diversity.  Our expertise on women in the workplace uniquely positions us to explore gender issues through surveys and focus groups, and our ability to combine client-specific data with the latest research and findings has enabled us to guide senior teams in the creation and execution of high-impact gender initiatives.

We help you define goals and approaches to meet your needs – solutions such as women’s affinity groups and networks, women’s development programs, and women’s conferences.

Women’s Affinity Groups

Creating Communities that Move the Business Forward. Affinity groups inside organizations create connect points for individuals who share common interests, traits, or opportunities. Surveys indicate that 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies have some form of affinity groups, though the purposes, language and structures vary greatly.

At Pathbuilders, we work with clients to help them to increase the impact of their women’s affinity groups, initiatives and networks. Whether your goals are retention and promotion, gaining insight from group members or providing support, it is critical that you effectively align group focus with business purpose. It is also essential that you define appropriate language, structure and communications to achieve your stated vision.

Examples of our work include:

  • Women’s Survey
    • Developing and administering survey around women in the workplace
    • Analyzing survey uncovering key themes and approaches
    • Reporting and workshop survey results with key participants
    • Executive survey debrief sharing key data, recommended approaches and the business case
  • Women’s Conference and Summit
    • Half-day or full day programming
    • Highly-engaging, interactive delivery formats with lasting impact
      • Workshops, panel discussions, table facilitation, networking, exercises
        • Broad range of professional development topics—Personal Brand, Executive Presence, Influence and Credibility, Networking, Managing Results, etc.
  • Women’s Networks
    • Customized workshop series throughout a program year (recommend survey prior to execution)
    • Women’s Interactive Networks – Turn-key approaches to create consistent, high quality programming for women’s networks across broad geographies.
      • Program series identification (recommend survey prior to execution)
      • Facilitator training
      • Program materials for employee-led, facilitated conversations.
        • Tool kits include session invitation, facilitator session instruction, networking exercise, discussion guide, introspective exercise, supporting PowerPoint presentation and session evaluation.
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