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For over 20 years, Pathbuilders has been transforming top talent into high-impact leaders who move business forward.  Through customized programming, Pathbuilders leverages a model that effectively combines mentoring, educational workshops, and interactive peer exchange to accelerate the career growth of individuals and directly contribute to the bottom-line success of client organizations.  Pathbuilders has worked with nearly 4000 professionals from more than 500 client organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities, and government agencies.

Know yourself
Know your company
Know how to move®

This is our mantra. This is the essence of what we believe. This is what we instill in women to help them achieve success.

Our programs, curricula and lifetime learning networks fit the lives of women at every step of their careers. We help women move forward as fast as they can possibly move. We work with: (1) graduates who are adjusting to the workplace for the first time and need to learn more about business; (2) emerging stars who are beginning to take on real responsibilities; (3) those astonishingly successful achievers who are ready to achieve more; and (4) accomplished leaders who must now learn how to inspire others.

Wherever high-performing women are headed, there is a comprehensive Pathbuilders program that will connect with them, be relevant to their needs and help them achieve business and career-focused goals.

Our programs develop skills, create balance and build depth, sharing real-life perspectives from people who are proven leaders. Our approach builds strong, confident women who make a difference.


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